Bioenergy Plant

We are developing a new processing plant to produce syngas and torrefied wood that is a source of renewable energy. The gasification process produces syngas for the heating requirements of the torrefaction plant and for combustion in a dual fuel generator set for producing electricity. Gasification is a well-known process and has beed used extensively off-shore. Torrefaction, on the other hand, is a relatively new process and limited experience exists internationally with this technology. Torrefaction of wood is used to increase the energy density and convert fuel wood into a more usable renewable fuel, which can be readily transported and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

The mixed feedstock for the gasifier plant, which can consist of up to 8% CCAB material, will be prepared off-site and delivered directly to the separate fuel reception area for the gasifier. Any treated wood used to blend with the untreated wood for the gasifier feedstock will be kept off the MPL Renewable Energy site and the gasifier feedstock will be delivered to site pre-mixed to a maximum of 8% of treated wood.

The torrefaction process involves the up-grading of non-treated wood fuel in the absentce of oxygen. The advantage are:

  • Direct replacement for coal with similar thermal energy of coal
  • Torrefaction allows for the energy-efficient (>90%) upgrading of biomass into commodity solid biofuels and a wide range of end-uses
  • The torrefied wood has a high energy density, is resistant to wetting, resistant to biodegradation, can be easily ground, and easily converted into a fuel that flows.
  • Low costs for handling and transport
  • Wide ranges of biomass feedstocks are suitable for torrefaction.